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My Shooting Star Testimony

My Shooting Star Testimony Cross Walk Bible Comic

The day was October 10, 2023. It was like any other day, very routine. Most evenings before I go to bed I spend time with God in prayer and conversation. At about 1030pm I wandered into my wifes office which I've jokingly named my prayer room because it has a magnicifcent view of the night sky. The view of the stars helps me stay focused when I spend time with The Lord. Thankfully my beautiful wife does not mind me using it...for a small fee of course. I'm only kidding, there is no fee. For several weeks I had been asking God each night while I prayed to send me a shooting star and I never saw one. In fact I had never seen one at this house up until this day and we've lived here for several years. As I made my way into the office, I sat down in front of the window. The room was dark and lit only by the night sky. The sky was crystal clear and the stars were as bright as ever; hung up perfectly by our Creator. I started into my usual prayers for several minutes. As I was praying I thought about a sermon I had heard earlier that day about reminding God of all the miracles He's done, so I did just that. I said God, You parted the Red Sea and brought water out of a rock for Moses. You closed the mouths of Lions for Daniel. You made the blind see, the lame walk and You even raised the dead. God You flung every star into space, made all of the life on this planet and even created this entire earth...surely if You did all of that, You can send me a shooting star. At the exact moment that I finished that sentence, a large shooting star streaked across the night sky directly in my field of view. It appeard on a downward angle, flying from right to left for about two seconds. Even though I had been praying for a shooting star and truly believed He could do it, it still caught me by surprise. I was so overwhelmed with the presence of God that I wept. I praised The Lord and wept for about 15 minutes, thanking Him for what He had just done for me. I had been feeling very dry spiritually for weeks as though God was distant. He wasn't. He was always there with me and this was confirmation. Once I got my composure back, I kept praying and talking to God. Over the course of 30 more minutes I saw two smaller shooting stars. Tears of joy were streaming down my face. In an hour spent with The Lord that evening my spirtual dryness was gone and I felt completely full in my Spirit. I simply came to God with childlike faith believing He could do the impossible and He did. If He can do it for me, He can do it for you. God is a big God who can do anything, so ask Him to. Who knows, He may just send you a shooting star.

Other shooting stars I've seen during prayer:

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November 13, 2023

I started praying at roughly 1030pm, looking up at the night sky through the office window. I wanted to recreate my initial shooting star experience with God a month prior. I soon found out that's not how God works. I did exactly as I did before, I started praying and reminding God of the many miracles He's done throughout history. I then asked Him to send a shooting star, but nothing happened. I continued praying and about 10 minutes later I started thanking God for what He's done in my life and what He's currently doing for me. While I was in the middle of thanking Him for my family, He sent a shooting star directly in my field of vision. It streaked through the sky from right to left on a very steep decent for roughly one or two seconds. I felt joy and peace this time around and thanked God for several minutes after for sending it.

November 16, 2023

I started praying at roughly 11pm, looking up at the night sky through the office window. I began thanking God for many things that He was doing in my life and almost immediately a shooting star streaked through the night sky in the same spot as the others. I didn't even ask for one. I felt such joy and praised God for several minutes after He sent it.

December 11, 2023

Around 11pm I was praying and asking God to bless specific friends of mine when a shooting star streaked across the sky. The interesting thing about this one is that it went from left to right, while every other shooting star I had seen before this during prayer went from right to left. It also streaked through the sky in a perfectly horizontal line, directly through the middle of the cup of the Big Dipper constallation. This was something I had specifically asked God for a couple weeks prior. Praise God! After seeing the first one, about 10 minutes later during my continued prayer I saw another! This shooting star started almost exactly where the first one had ended and just like the first streaked from left to right horizontally. They were great to see and I thanked God for sending them!

December 14, 2023

Around 1030pm I asked my wife to join me in prayer and to come watch the Geminid meteor shower, or what we call shooting stars from her office window. The meteor shower peaked on this day and she had never seen a shooting star before, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity for her too. Over the course of an hour and a half we saw around 20 shooting stars, during which we prayed to God, fellowshiped and had a wonderful time in conversation. The majority of all of the shooting stars we saw were part of the meteor shower and not related to prayer. They were smaller, streaking vertically downwards and lasting for about one second. However, there was one in particular that I truly believe God sent for us to see. Early on in our fellowshipping I was talking about the shooting stars God had sent me over the past 2 months and I told my wife if He did it for me, He will do it for you, just ask for one. So immediately she prayed and asked God to send a shooting star. A couple minutes later He did just that! We saw the largest, brightest and longest-lasting shooting star we had ever seen! It streaked brilliantly across the night sky from right to left in a horizontal line for about 3 seconds. It was absolutely amazing! We were like kids in a candy store who had just gotten exactly what we wanted. We thanked God, continued to watch the night sky and had a wonderful evening with the Lord!

Dec. 31, 2023 / Jan. 1, 2024

I started prayer later then normal that night, around 11:45pm. My focus on prayer that night was to realign myself with God and get back to the place I last felt His presence, which happened to be when I saw a shooting star. As the year was coming to an end, I was looking forward to what 2024 was going to bring. I started into my usual prayer for about 15 minutes and eventually found myself wanting to pray about working with God as I looked into the new year. So I simply prayed Jesus, I want to work with you side by side using the creative gifts you've given me to Help further the Kingdom. As I was saying that prayer I saw a big, bright, shooting star fly vertically downward for a couple seconds. I took this as confirmation to my prayer and it came right around midnight! What a great way to end 2023 and start 2024, praise God!

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