Cross Walk is a project about The Bible started in April 2023 that contains comics and resources. The goal of this project is to share God's Word and help you grow closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! The comics have light-hearted jokes and the resources page is constantly growing with material. God's Word is the primary focus, while the illustrations and commentary are secondary. Praise God and enjoy!

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My Testimony | What God Has Done For Me

My Testimony What God Has Done For Me Cross Walk Comic

My Testimony
· What God Has Done For Me ·

This is a collection of my personal testimonies presented in both illustrated and written form.

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My Shooting Star Testimony Cross Walk Comic
December 1, 2023

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My Timeline

This is a personal timeline of my walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.

  1. January 8, 2017 - I gave my life to Jesus Christ in my living room while watching a sermon online.
  2. 2020/2021 - I married my beautiful wife who is also a fellow believer and we started a family with God at the center guiding us. We try our best to seek God daily.
  3. Beginning of 2023 - God delivered me from the bondage of sin. The Holy Spirit has given me strength and power to overcome temptation. I'm not perfect, I'm still a sinner, I still have a lot of growing to do, but I'm getting better each day as I seek God first in all areas of my life.
  4. April 17, 2023 - God gave me the idea for this project: Cross Walk Comic.
  5. December 17, 2023 - I was baptized in water at my local church. The Holy Spirit called me to take this step.
My Journey

Between 2010 and 2016 I made a series of poor choices that continued to pile up and led me to hitting a very low point in my life. I was alone because of my selfish decisions and was left with two choices. I could continue down the same path of destruction or head in a different direction. At that point I had nothing else to lose and on January 8, 2017 I gave my life to Jesus Christ. That's when everything began to change. When I gave my life to Jesus I was drawn to the grace and love message being preached. It was encouraging and a breath of fresh air to my previously lost self. However, as the months progressed and I focused on just the grace and love in the Bible, I ended up staying in compromise and sin. While I had the desire to change, my progress in overcoming sin was minimal. I was also oblivious to much of the sin and compromise I was committing because I was swimming in the shallow end of the pool of God's Word. I was not growing closer to God and I thought I was because I was reading the Bible and going to church. The truth is I didn't understand what I was reading or hearing, I was just going through the motions. At that time, lust became my idol. After several years of this I eventually realized that I needed more spiritual growth. I was not a brand new Christian after all. I needed to get out of the shallow end of the pool and swim in the deeper waters of God’s Word. Eventually in 2020, I was drawn to the message of truth and law. While it was new and exciting to learn; I found that when I focused on just the truth and law in the Bible I became too rigid, judgmental and critical. I started to focus on religion more than a relationship with Jesus. Sure I was heading towards the deeper end of the pool but I was still not growing closer to God when I thought I was. In addition to lust, pride became my idol. Both extremes prevented me from truly building the relationship with God that I needed. It wasn’t until the end of 2022 / beginning of 2023 when things changed. I started to seek a balance of grace, love, truth and law which allowed my relationship with God to grow and with that my faith. I found greater purpose and to give you an example this project was birthed. I also had a spiritual dream with Jesus that changed my life. While I’m still a work in progress and I have much to learn, the bondage of sin no longer controls my life and I finally feel free thanks to Jesus!

I share this as a warning to anyone reading this that when we focus on just one part of the Word of God, we run the risk of not building a true relationship with God when we think that we are. There is nothing that God wants more than a true relationship with each of us. We are His children and He is our Father. We must set aside our lust and pride and sit at His feet daily. We must read His Word daily and pray daily, that’s how we build a relationship with Him. It’s the same approach we would take with building a relationship on earth with another person; spend time with them. We must seek God with our whole heart and give every aspect of our life to Him. We must bring everything we’ve been through in life, the good and the bad to Him at the foot of the cross. We must get real with God. He loves us more than we can even comprehend and wants the best for each of us. He gave each of us purpose. He also knows our faults, He knows we are going to mess up, but He’s not focused on that. When we mess up we need to run to God, not from Him. There is no condemnation in Him, just love. God is willing to forgive all of us of anything we've done, even the most horrendous crimes on the planet, but we must receive His forgiveness. Ask God for forgiveness and He will forgive you. Don't listen to the devils lies telling you you can't be forgiven. Listen to what God says. He paid it all on the cross. This isn’t a free pass to sin, instead it should give us the desire to do what’s right and do what He asks of us. When we love someone we don’t want to disappoint them and we feel bad when we do. That’s the same approach we should take with God. It is by God’s mercy and grace and our faith to believe in Jesus Christ that any of us go to heaven at all. Jesus shed His blood on the cross to cover all of our sins. Everything has been bought and paid for by His blood. We cannot work, earn or inherit our way to heaven, it is a free gift from God; but we must receive it. God is a gentleman, He will not force any of us to be part of His family in heaven, but He desperately wants us to be.

Also, If anyone rejects God’s free gift of salvation through His Son Jesus Christ then they will go to hell. God does not wish that for anyone. God created hell for the devil and the fallen angels, not for mankind. But if anyone rejects Jesus then that means they’ve chosen to side with the devil. Therefore, they will spend eternity with the devil in hell.

If you don’t know Jesus as the Lord and Savior of your life or if you’re unsure where you’d go if you died right this second, then give your life to Jesus right now. Tomorrow is not promised.

Repent, Invite, Receive and Obey

  1. Repent of your sins. This means to change the direction of your life and turn away from sin. Stop practicing sin and making it a habit.
  2. Invite Jesus Christ in to be the Lord and Savior of your life.
  3. Receive the Holy Spirit by faith.
  4. Obey God. Pick up your cross daily and follow Him. Use the gift's He's given you to help further His Kingdom.

Salvation Prayer: Lord Jesus, I am a sinner and I need a Savior. I believe You died for me and Your blood covers all of my sins. I invite You to come into my heart and become the Lord and Savior of my life. By faith I receive the Holy Spirit. From this day forward I will pick up my cross daily and follow You. Amen.

Dream: Jesus And The Black Snake

This spiritual dream occurred sometime around the end of 2022 / beginning of 2023, I don't know the exact date. I was standing inside a house in the front entryway with the door wide open, looking out towards the front area. The front of the house had brick stairs leading down towards a sidewalk that went straight out in front of me into the distance. To the right of the sidewalk was a parking lot with cars and to the left of the sidewalk was grass and trees. Inside the house I was standing on the left side of the doorway and Jesus was standing beside me to my right. Suddenly in the distance, about 50 feet away, I saw a massive, solid black snake racing up the sidewalk towards us very quickly. This snake was huge, about 30 feet long and about a foot in diameter. I began to panic and started shutting the front door as quickly as I could. However, before I could get the door all the way shut the snakes head and about 3 feet of its body found its way wedged between the partially closed front door and the door frame. I was scared and backed up a couple of steps. To my amazement during my entire interaction with the snake Jesus stood there as calm as ever in perfect peace. He soon looked over at me and gave me the most genuine smile I'd ever seen. He then took the snakes head and gently pushed it back outside and shut the door. The snake turned around and slithered off into the distance. Then I woke up.

Overcoming Pride

On January 30, 2024 my wife and I were chatting in the evening after reading The Bible and God revealed to me the root cause of an issue of pride I was struggling with. I didn't even realize I was struggling with the sin of pride, I didn't think I was being prideful. The irony of that statement should be an easy warning sign of pride. The truth is I was. I had taken regrets and frustrations of the past, picked out the truth from those past scenarios and projected that truth onto loved ones. Internally I was frustrated over poor decisions I made in the past that led me to no longer have things I had and want. And even though God had removed those things I desired from my life, I still wanted them and was frustrated that I didn't have them. But I now realize God had to prune those things out of my life because they would have kept me from the destination He has for me. I was projecting frustration without even realizing it and thus causing strife. This was all rooted in pride even though my focus was honesty. I'm a very honest person and I prefer honesty regardless of how it makes others feel. I want others to be just as honest with me because I value truth above my feelings. And yes God does want us to be honest, but we are all different and not everyone thinks like me. What God revealed to me was just because something is truthful, doesn't mean it has to be shared, especially if it's hurtful. It was a revelation moment in my life. I'm a work in progress just like everyone else. The enemy is crafty and pride can easily become one of the most challenging sins to overcome because it's often less obvious then lust of the flesh or lust of the eye. I've repented and asked God to help me work through my sin of pride which he is because He's a faithful God!

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